• First tests
  • Mechanical parts
  • Original sculpture
  • Molds making-of
  • Wax making
  • Gross bronze casting
  • Chiselling & mechanics
  • The Living Knife
  • Blade Magazine


A knife capable of movement and gifted with intelligence…

On fitting your hand into that of the knife, you already feel a strange clasping in response…When suddenly the mechanical fingers close. It’s awake! Now you are under its control !

It was from the cinema of fantasy films that I drew my inspiration, Guillermo del Toro is not so far…. It took me 12 years to implement my idea, six months to carry it out and a fair number of technical difficulties had to be overcome.

Like a cunning thing from another time, this biomechanical being activates its workings to move its fingers; it seizes control of the situation with its eye’s intelligence.

The Hand is an assembly of stainless steel mechanical parts, the prototype having been made in resin. Two copies in bronze, gold and silver have been edited. The magnifical blade has been forged by the Swedish knifemaker Roger Bergh.


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