The “Dance of Death” Exhibition

  • Death Proof
  • Nice to be Dead
  • Lovers from the Hereafter
  • Les Amants du Néant

The “Dance of Death” Exhibition

We are all afraid of death, but Jean-Marc Laroche’s interpretation makes us take it from a different angle. His dancing skeletons making merry suggest continuity right into an afterworld of party and pleasure. With provocative humor, the sculptor plays down death, giving us something to think about by dealing derisively with the subject.

If the dealing with death reminds us of Mexican culture here, the aesthetics are far more personal to the artist. Jean-Marc Laroche often takes inspiration from the cinema for his characters’ poses. The realism and lifelikeness of these skeletons makes for a spectacular exhibition. Lighting and background music heighten the staging, creating a striking, fascinating atmosphere for visitors.

The exhibition is also a retrospective of all of Jean-Marc Laroche’s work over the past two decades :

  • 15 life-sized skeletons
  • 10 life-sized bronze sculptures
  • 25 showcase pieces
  • a presentation of 21 collector knives
  • 25 framed photos (110cm x 85cm)

The exhibit could cover a surface area of 400 to 800m2 or more depending on how the sculptures or the premises are laid out. Video projections will show the artworks in action and the artist at work.

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